• Saudi Arabia to launch two astronauts into space aboard Elon Musk’s SpaceX

    The sources told Reuters that the deal was signed privately earlier this year with Houston’s Axiom Space.

    The sources told Reuters that the deal was signed privately earlier this year with Houston’s Axiom Space

    Under the deal, two Saudi astronauts will ride SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule to the space station for a roughly weeklong stay

  • Elon Musk intends to bring satellite internet to Iran

    Musk had initially announced that the Starlink satellite internet service had been made available on every continent "including Antarctica" with...

    Iranian-born science journalist Erfan Kasraie had said on Twitter that bringing the service to Iran could be a "real game changer for the future" of the country

    Launched at the end of 2020, Starlink offers high-speed broadband service to customers in areas poorly served by fixed and mobile terrestrial networks

  • Continuous effort required to protect ozone layer, says UNEP

    The UNEP noted a global temperature rise of 2.5C was possible if the ozone-depleting chemicals weren't banned, which would have...

    The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) praised the Protocol’s success, as it ended the danger of ozone layer's depletion, a threat for humanity.

    It said the global cooperation worked, and the gases were eliminated. This healed the ozone layer which would save earth from sun's ultraviolet radiations.

  • Webb telescope captures ‘breathtaking’ images of Orion Nebula

    An international research team on Monday revealed the first images of the Orion Nebula captured with the James Webb Space...

    Astronomers are interested in the region to better understand what happened during the first million years of our planetary evolution

    Webb is the most powerful space telescope ever built, boasting a primary mirror measuring 6.5 meters (more than 21 feet) that is made up of 18 hexagonal, gold-coated segments

  • NASA’s Moon mission pushed back, again

    The date would depend on engineering teams successfully carrying out a test to fuel up the Space Launch System rocket,...

    The Artemis 1 space mission hopes to test the SLS as well as the unmanned Orion capsule that sits atop it, in preparation for future Moon-bound journeys with humans aboard

    Once launched, it will take several days for the spacecraft to reach the Moon, flying around 60 miles (100 kilometers) at its closest approach

  • UN head appeals to world to end reliance on fossil fuels

    Calling on the world to put an end to the war with nature by investing in renewable energy now, UN...

    Guterres is visiting Pakistan to see for himself the devastation caused by the floods and back the country's call for more world aid

    On Friday he lamented the lack of attention the world gave to climate change -- particularly the industrialized nations that scientists blame

  • Norway preps burial ground for CO2

    As the planet struggles to meet its climate targets, some climate experts see the technique, called carbon capture and storage,...

    On the shores of an island off Norway's North Sea coast, engineers are building a burial ground for unwanted greenhouse gas

    The European Union emitted 3.7 billion tons of greenhouse gases in 2020, according to the European Environment Agency

  • NASA delays rocket launch to moon due to fuel leakage

    After the latest delay, there are backup opportunities on Monday or Tuesday. After that, the next launch window will not...

    Though the area around the launch site was closed to the public, an estimated 400,000 people had gathered nearby to see the launch.

    Early Saturday, launch director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson had given the go-ahead to start filling the rocket's tanks with cryogenic fuel.

  • DEWA’s R&D Center registers patent for robotic carrier

    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) 's Research and Development (R&D) Center has registered its sixth patent for a user-friendly...

    DEWA's robotic carrier can transport glass panels or sensitive materials that require close care.

    The robotic carrier can lift solar photovoltaic panels easily from any surface.

  • NASA readies for Saturday Moon rocket launch attempt

    Liftoff is scheduled for 2:17 pm local time (1817 GMT) from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, with the potential for...

    NASA has also been working to correct the technical difficulties that lead to the last-minute delay of the launch

    If the mission goes ahead Saturday, the Orion capsule fixed atop the rocket will spend 37 days in space